Research Services


The Mission Historical Museum provides a variety of research services.  Those who are seeking to order copies of photographs or documents housed in the museum’s archives may do so by contacting archives@missionmuseum.org.  

Copied items may be used for personal or scholarly research, and for educational purposes. Publication in any form; including print, digital, electronic, or broadcast requires completion of a Request to Reproduce Materials for Publication form. News media such as newspapers, television, and radio are exempt from this requirement.   All photographs and documents are reproduced full-frame and without enhancement or other alteration. There may be limitations on the quality of reproduction due to condition or quality of the original and/or limitations of available equipment. Condition of the original may also limit the medium of reproduction. It may not be possible to copy some materials due to their form or condition. Any intermediate copies such as negatives or digital files are the property of the Museum.





Tours are available upon request. In order to provide you with the best experience, the museum requires a minimum two weeks advance notice.

Fee: $1 per person 


To schedule your tour and for information regarding seasonal travel tours please call (956) 580-8646.